Kelly the Culinarian: Remember when I broke my rib?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Remember when I broke my rib?

Lab report about my broken rib
I mentioned in passing last year that I was super sick at the end of October and thought I screwed up my rib. The long version of the story was I had been coughing violently for a few days, enough that I couldn't sleep at night and my coworkers were leaving cough drops on my desk. But I felt fine enough to run. So on a Friday afternoon, I set out for a run around my office park during lunch. I remember it was cold and windy, which already made my breathing labored. I got just over two miles away from my office, just over a small bridge when I coughed and felt a crunch in my right side. It hurt bad enough when I ran that I wondered if I would make it back to my office. I considered flagging down a police officer. I didn't, and I got back to my office, defeated and in pain.

In the days following, my side ached and I joked, "Remember how I broke my rib?"

Turns out, I did.

I had an unrelated chest X-ray this week and the first thing the nurse asked me was if I'd ever broken a rib. I said no, then said, unless it's right here, I thought I broke this one in November.

It lined up perfectly with the questionable calcification on my right side.

My latest running injury was a broken rib, earned on this fateful four-mile run (which I someone still completed at an 8:25 pace?).
The run in question

That also means I ran a half marathon two days after.

Can I get some sort of bad ass badge now?

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Maggie W said...

I threw out my shoulder during a coughing fit on New Years Eve.