Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Three Things Thursday

1. We've had another cold snap and lots of snow, so many an hour of indoor dwelling. I know understand why parents so emphatically support legos. We had several hours of blissful independent play without fighting as they built a bunch of complicated lego houses and forts. No regrets.

2. I bought this shark dog bed for Napoleon just for laughs. I thought he'd like it since he enjoys sleeping under the bed and on piles of pillows. Sadly, he doesn't go in there often, but it makes me smile anytime he does.

3. Has anyone ever dealt with gouged leather boots? These are my beloved Frye boots that I wear all winter long. I emailed the company and they suggested I find a local cobbler to fix it. Somehow, I expected more for the price these boots go for. I guess at the end of the season I'll find a shoe repair place to give these the once over, but I'm all ears for recommendations on what to do next.

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