Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Three Things Thursday

1. I've picked up some new accolades! Two weeks ago, I traveled to DC for the day to accept awards at PR News' Nonprofit Awards. I got an award for Best Marketing Campaign for a fundraiser I worked on, and I astonishingly was awarded Nonprofit Communicator of the Year. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself, as well as honored for the opportunities that lead me to this.

2. We finally saw the Chicago River for St. Patricks's Day! This picture is not altered at all; it really is that green. We spent the weekend with friends downtown, going out to eat and enjoying a concert. It was pretty pleasant, weather wise, and we wandered around Millenium Park and saw The Bean as well.

3. We don't really celebrate Easter, as we're not religious, and typically commemorate our own flavor of celebration that we call prEaster (clever, right?). We did that the weekend before Easter, and then had the chance to go to an underwater Easter egg hunt later in the week. It was the cutest thing ever! It was $8 a kid and included all the eggs they could grab, an hour of swimming and a visit from the Easter bunny. The place even segmented out age groups, so it wasn't overwhelming for any of the parties and there were a ton of lifeguards.

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