Kelly the Culinarian: Men + groceries ... does not compute

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Men + groceries ... does not compute

Studies have found that men are still intimidated by the grocery store. It's weird because everyone has to eat. The article says that stores have done very little to entice men into the grocery department, despite the fact that men are doing more grocery shopping for themselves and their family.

How hard can it be? Have a bachelor food aisle, some flat screen TVs with sports playing and include strategically placed recipes near merchandise. I could do this.

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Chris V said...

That isn't a bad idea... I know that I usually just want to go in, get what I need/want and leave. Most grocery stores make it an adventure to find everything you need quickly.

And yes, I remember from consumer management that they do this because they want you to spend more time in the store with the hope of spending more money...