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Monday, July 9, 2007

Food find: Organic food makes me sad

July is national Hot Dog Month as well as Ice Cream Month. It's a momentous season.

In honor of this, I trekked over to my local Wild Oats for a hot dog and ice cream tasting. I hate going to those places because it just reminds me how much better I could eat if I could afford it. First up, I had an organic hot dog with organic ketchup.

It was horrible. It tasted like nothing I've ever had, and not in a good way. I know it's better for me, but how they can turn an American classic into THAT, I'm not sure.

As for the ice cream and apple pie, they were much better. The ice cream was really creamy and had a deep vanilla flavor that lingered after the velvety ice cream dissolved. The apple pie was sweet and the crust was flaky. However, when I asked if they pies were made on site, the lady told me they were "ovened" on site, meaning they get them frozen and heat them again. I do that at home much cheaper -- we call it frozen food. Apparently it's different if it's organic.

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WokandSpoon said...

Heeh - that's quite funny. Actually one of the worse things I've tasted was organic tofu yogurt. though, it wasn't really the fact that it was organic - I think the problem there was the tofu yogurt!