Kelly the Culinarian: Container gardening with Kelly: We have tomatoes!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Container gardening with Kelly: We have tomatoes!

My first set of seedlings didn't make it. I started to leave them out after Mother's Day and it was just too cold. They shriveled with the frost. I still have a few seedlings left inside, so who knows what'll happen.

So I was off to plan B. Instead, I bought a few started plants from Home Depot. And let me report my success, I have three tiny tomatoes! None of them are large enough to even make Christmas tree ornaments, but we're moving along nicely. There are two more little buds that haven't opened up yet as well. In conclusion, the container better bush tomato is doing quite well.

I have two other tomatoes plants, both indeterminates, growing upside down in different containers. They're not moving along too much lately -- they're getting bigger with more leaves, but no buds yet. I'm experimenting with this hanging tomato thing, so pictures on that when there's something to actually take photos of.

As for my herbs, they're starting to look bushy. I have basil and cilantro, and this week's rain and sun have really brought them out. The rosemary doesn't appear to be doing anything at all, but hey, there's still plenty of time.

I may be eating very well this summer. The teeny, tiny baby tomatoes really made my day.


Jen said...

Hi Kelly! Thanks so much for dropping by. We won't have our tiny tomatoes for weeks, even though we had a started plant. We are also doing container gardening on our balcony. We live out in the country, but we have deer, deer and more deer. My herbs are doing wonderfully - chives, cilantro, dill, rosemary, time, parsley, mint. Good luck with your growing!

Erika said...

Congrats on your tomatoes! I started some from seed, but they are still so tiny. If I am lucky, I will have tomatoes by Christmas! I love growing herbs, so much freshness on hand without spending a lot of money!

glamah16 said...

Good luck with that. I have tried edible container gardening and it never works for me. Flowers yes. I think the squirel always did up my stuff, the sun is to strong facing west, etc. To habe a house one day. Preferably in the city. :-)

Mark Boxshus "Cookie Doctor" said...

Hey Kelly
Thanks for stopping by and your kind words. And thanks for introducing me to your great blog. I am GREEN with envy that you already have tomatoes! Care to share? I'll send you some cake.......LOL


Thistlemoon said...

I am so doing this next year! I tried to grow herbs from seeds this year and it has just not worked out! You'd think you can grow anything in FL, but it is far from the truth! Congrats on your tomatoes! :)

wheresmymind said...

mmm...I would love to grow some tomatoes but our yard is turning out to have tons of shade

John said...

Congrats on the tomatoes. Hope you get many more! Keep us updated on the upside down ones. I tried one this year, but didn't have any luck with it.