Kelly the Culinarian: Registry questions

Monday, August 11, 2008

Registry questions

So we're moving forward with planning the wedding. There is so much of the process I don't care for, such as picking out colors and transportation and this that and the other. But I do really like the tastings and the registering. I've worked retail before, so I know what it's like to scan things, but it's a ton more fun when you're doing it not for work.

Which brings me to my question of the day: what should be on every foodie's wedding registery? I have a stand mixer, which I think should be at the top of the list. What do you wish was on your registery?


Dagny said...

Definitely some attachments for the stand mixer if you do not have them already.

Basically, I'd go through and pick out all the cookware that I had dreamed of owning. I enjoy making tarts so I might register for tart pans that I don't own currently. I'd also want a really nice ice cream maker -- the kind that has its own freezing element. Oh, and maybe a really nice grilling pan so that you can get those grill marks on your meat on top of the stove. Oh, and more serving platters and bowls. One can never seem to have enough of those. What's the sense in making beautiful food if you have nothing beautiful in which to serve it?

I'm sure there's more but I just can't think of it now.

The Chicago Blogger said...

An entire set of Le Creuset cookware! Expensive but worth it!

The Big Green Egg grill is really popular right now -- another expensive item, but totally worth it. If I owned a home, it would be a must have.

You should ask for gift cards to stores like Sur La Table or The Chopping Block! At The Chopping Block, you can take classes, too! - they have a gift registry!

Good luck and congratulations!