Kelly the Culinarian: Food find: Minelli Meat and Deli

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Food find: Minelli Meat and Deli

This particular intersection in Niles represents some of my favorite food-shopping experiences. Minelli Meat and Deli is on Milwaukee near Oakton, pretty much right across the street from Jerry's. It's been a family-owned operation for nearly 40 years and has some of the best cuts you'll find.

The best things we've had from there so far have been the sirloin burgers and hotdogs. The hotdogs are huge and have a great variety of meats, creating a rich flavor. The burgers are pre-formed patties made with just enough fat to be tasty and juicy.

The deli portion also sells dough, pasta, sauces and specialty cheeses. One of my favorite things about this store are the packaged specialty items they have, such as anchovy paste and olive tapenade. It's really a fun place to go to get inspired.

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