Kelly the Culinarian: Observations from Life with Two Dogs

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Observations from Life with Two Dogs

Twice the hair but the same amount of work. I've watched my sister's "dog" several times in the past few weeks. I use that term loosely because Bowie the Pomeranian isn't really a dog. He's more of a stuffed animal who pees when he gets scared. I've taken to calling him Dumb One, in the nicest tone of voice possible and with all the love in the universe, because he isn't so good at the whole being a dog thing.

You see, adorable, precious, incapable of hurting anything Bowie was almost put to death. My sister salvaged the live softie a few days before and has had him for about two years now. Bowie lived his whole life in the cage of a puppy mill and was discarded because of his two-tone eyes (hence the name).

Anyhow, seeing Napoleon and Bowie together is just hilarious. We were walking around the neighborhood and Napoleon barked at a kid on a bike while the kid was like "Look at that cute dog!" I explained that Napoleon is scared of things on wheels and the kid said not that dog, the other one.
Another funny observation: Napoleon pulls on his leash, exploring and sniffing and barking and examining. Bowie is perpetually surprised it's there and gets all tangled up, then just sits and bites it. He doesn't really need a leash - he's too scared of life.

Bowie also doesn't really play with his toys. He takes them from place to place. Napoleon takes it as his mission in life to destroy dollar-store toys within 10 seconds of them entering his line of sight.
Bowie also can't get onto the furniture, so Napoleon jumps up onto the couch to taunt him. It's funny how mean they are to each other. In the middle of the night I was awoken by Napoleon prancing on my bed, because Bowie was sitting below desperately trying to get up.
"This is how we destroy stuff"
"How did I get here?"
Bowie also seems to be more tired all the time. Little body means he exhausts quickly.
So sleepy

All in all, two dogs are no more work than one. They both go out at the same time, they sleep all.the.time. and eat the same food. I would perhaps consider acquiring another furface, but dog sitting is plenty for me for now. Napoleon is an only dog kind of puppy, I fear.


Losing Lindy said...

Did your sister move too, or are you staying at her house?

Maggie W said...

Aww, he is a cutie. One of my best friends is a Vet Tech and all of her dogs are some sort of rescue, and at least one was a breeding dog at a puppy mill. So sad that anyone would treat dogs that way, but it's awesome when they end up in a loving home.