Kelly the Culinarian: Two Girls and a Grill

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Two Girls and a Grill

And a bottle of wine and 11 pieces of metal. I am very, very thankful for my sister tonight, who miraculously enjoys putting stuff together. Like I don't even get it. I hate buttons, let alone assembling furniture. But this kid went to work:
For the price of a cheap bottle of wine, we ended with this:
So now we have a grill! The question is, what do we make first? Taking all suggestions and requests!
The kid also assembled this beauty:

That's right, I bought an end table/dog kennel combo for the furry man of the house. He is actually quite pleased, and I'm rather pleased Katie assembled it while I was at work. Yay for sisters!

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Maggie W said...

We've been grilling A LOT of veggie kabobs lately. Mostly peppers (red, green, yellow, orange, I even found purple), mushrooms (our fave), onions, tomatoes. And doing that with either steak kabobs, chicken breasts, swordfish, ahi tuna (seared) or salmon. Also doing foil pouches with diced potatoes and onions covered in butter and spices.