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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Training Tuesday

It's been a good week for running, a questionable week for all other sports. I left for Maine (turned in New Hampshire) on Thursday, which meant nada in the way of physical activity other than running from gate to gate during my layovers. Friday morning I set out for a speedy shake out run, which I capped at four miles to save my efforts for Saturday's race. Beach to Beacon was predictably awesome, but the water at Higgins Beach was colder than I imagined. It was great for an improvised post-race ice bath, but seeing as I left my wetsuit at home. When I arrived home on Sunday, I did a 30-minute bike ride on the trainer and planned to take my bike downtown via train, but then it started raining. Hard.

The view on my 10 milers
Our morning 5K had great attendance
So alas, my bike remains at home and I'm downtown. On the upside, I got in plenty of steps Sunday walking from the train to the hotel, and then knocked out 10 miles before work Monday, mostly fueled by insomnia and anxiety. It was relatively speedy for a long-ish run, but it felt appropriately hard. I pushed because I knew it was my only chance to run long before Iron Girl Pleasant Prairie, which is Sunday.

This morning, my work hosted a 5K fun run for participants and we had about 50 people turn up for it. I clocked 24:xx, and would have been the first female, if it were a race.

My plan for the rest of the week is to swim at the hotel pool tomorrow morning, run Thursday before work and perhaps bike on the trainer in the evening, execute an actual swim workout Friday and a long ride Saturday before turning in my bike for Iron Girl Sunday morning.

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