Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Three Things Thursday

1. I got a new shipment from Cabot and King Arthur Flour! It's quiche season and as such, we've been challenged to craft our best savory pie creation. I already have a recipe in mind and look forward to taking to the kitchen this weekend. My happy place :)

2. I may have found the perfect burrito. My lifelong question could be concluded. I had this burrio al carbon at La Placita this week and it changed my life. It was actually a touch salty (blasphemy, right?), but the flavors were spot on. The meat was charred, the bean were the appropriate consistency and the cheese/sour cream combo was the perfect about of silkiness to compliment the crunchy fillings. My heart went a pitter patter.

3. Halloween is in full effect at my house, but I think I need a little more for my front porch. A spooky welcome mat might be in order to pull it all together. What do you think?


Maggie W said...

Fries with a burrito? Man, now I really want a burrito. I'm usually a taco or tostada gal.

I think your decorations need lights. More shiny light-up things is always the answer.

Unknown said...

The kids are going to love trick or treating at your house! Your porch is so festive....bravo!~Carolyn @ Cabot