Kelly the Culinarian: What I'm Reading (and Watching) Now

Friday, October 2, 2015

What I'm Reading (and Watching) Now

I've fallen in love with my treadmill again, mostly because it's damn easy to hammer out a few miles before work or during lunch or after dinner when it's just too dark or crappy outside. This also means I'm logging more time with my SmartTV. I don't have cable, and haven't for more than a year. I do have AmazonPrime, NetFlix and HBOGo, as well as a digital antenna on my main television.

The Martian - I just finished listening to this book on tape via Audible and I can't wait to see the movie this weekend at the drive in. My sister said it was the best book she's read this year and quite possibly her favorite, which I must agree with. A great tale with multiple narrators and so much nerdy I can barely contain myself.

Ask a Manager - Rachael turned me onto this blog and it is endlessly amusing. It's hilarious to think there are so many bad employees and employers out there, and how truly atrocious working can be. My recent favorite is an employee who was asked to change his name. Wut?

SVU - My favorite of the Law and Order iterations, SVU is back on Netflix and I just can't get enough. I love that Mariska Hargitay has taken a more central role in recent seasons. Fun fact: In college, we would stop working on Tuesday nights at the school newspaper to watch the new episodes. It was quiet time in the office.

Extant - Ah, season two. I'm conflicted. The sophomore effort took the show in a different direction, and leaves the third season veering even further away. I'm starting to feel about this the way I felt about Fringe; awesome first few episodes, then things got weird(er).

Creepy Catalog - A subforum of Thought Catalog, I really enjoy the fiction writing and nuances. It's free, it's creative and it's a bit inspiring during a dull part of my day.


Maggie W said...

So this year I have had the joy of managing contractors. I have become so jaded and assume the worst of everyone. How hard is your job? NOT VERY, I USED TO DO IT.

Also, The Martian is the best book I've read this year. We tried to go see it tonight but the fancy movie theater we went to lets you pick your seats when you buy your tickets and all of the good seats were taken by the time we got to the theater (we did not Fandango) so we opted not to see the movie. And here I was complaining at home about how complicated this theater is ("there's 3D and ICONX and VIP Reserved Seating ... I just want to know how much tickets are!") but at least they saved us from spending $35 on crappy seats.

Zenaida Arroyo said...

The Martian huh? I've never heard of it till I saw the movie trailer.

Gotta love Law and Order. Yes!!