Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Three Things Thursday

1. I find it horrifying and mesmerizing how quickly my running confidence can be shattered. I had a great nine-mile run last weekend outdoors on a drizzly Michigan morning, then wanted to die on my treadmill yesterday morning during a short tempo run. I bailed, blaming a lack of rest and a tough turbo trainer workout the night before. This morning I was at it again. I couldn't do the tempo as prescribed, but still got in my treadmill miles before work. Win some, lose some.

A run from last week that went way better
2. Napoleon has a favorite blanket. It is my favorite, too, and anytime I get up while watching TV, he eagerly claims it.
"Dis is mine."
3. I bought more lights this year, and I think the holiday decor is shaping up nicely. The present wrapping, however, has yet to begin. At least the things are bought?


Unknown said...

Hey there! Love the xmas decorations. I'd say I'm in the same boat-- house feels decorated, but haven't started the wrapping yet. This is my first year with a real Christmas tree, and it keeps dropping needles, so we haven't put the skirt down yet so we can keep sweeping up the needles!

Unknown said...

Did you know I love wrapping presents? I'll help you with some on Sunday if you want :)

We have the saddest small pile of gifts this year. I feel like I bought a ton of stuff so I don't know what happened. Nevermind that I still have like 8 more gifts to buy before Christmas..