Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Where I'm at Now

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Training Tuesday: Where I'm at Now

Yesterday's post run walkies included flip flops and green grass!
It's December, and an unseasonable one at that. It was 65 degrees over the weekend. I'm getting spoiled for sure, but it won't last, which is why I'm logging more miles on the treadmill. I haven't quite gotten back to the 5 a.m. workout routine, but I'm getting there. I would love to get my speed back this winter as I work on training for Circular Logic this year. It's traditionally been a lackluster finishing time for me because of the cold and the monotony of running in circles, but it does keep me active throughout the winter. I've been working on intervals and shorter runs to get my legs accustomed to going fast.

I haven't been in a pool in months, though, and I'm worried it will be a shock to my system. It's a bit like riding a bike - you never lose the ability, but you do lose your finesse. In looking at the Ironman training plan, my first official training swim is 3,000 yards, so I better get back to building up that distance.

I've done some Insanity home workouts on and off as training supplements, a practice I'd like to keep up. I'm using the FIRST Marathon Training Plan again, which calls for three days per week of running and three days of cross training. This suits my schedule the best, and allows for plenty of time to get back on track with the other disciplines triathlon requires. I've been spending some of these days on the bike and some working on my plyometric cardio with Insanity.

I'd like to get back to double workouts by the beginning of the new year, and return to swimming in January. I'm sure it's like anything else - if it's a priority, you'll make time for it. I did this once, so it's time to do it again.

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