Kelly the Culinarian: Our New Roommates: Fairies Live Here

Friday, September 2, 2016

Our New Roommates: Fairies Live Here

Back in May, I bought a fairy garden on a whim. It looked cute and I thought the small ones might enjoy it. Little did I know ... 

Z loved it. She checked most mornings to see if anything moved, and said she wanted the tooth fairy to have a place to hang out when she came to pick up her teeth. She would write to the tooth fairy. And of course, the fairy wrote back.

For her birthday, her grandma got her a fairy house, which she patiently painted for more than an hour.

So when we moved, the garden and the house were the first things to come over. Also, a fairy door made its way into the small one's room.

Z found it on her own while unpacking her room. She wasn't sure what it was, but got really excited when she realized the new house was magical. It came with fairies! During the unpacking process, she applied room decals on her wall all by herself. The fairies very kindly "adjusted" the stickers while she was gone to be straighter and more symmetrical. It prompted another exchange:

"Dear fairies, thank you for what you did. Please to not change it and do more please. Please write back."

And did you know: You can't see fairies, but if you go to sleep quickly and check your camera roll in the morning, they may magically appear in yesterday's photos? (Thank you iPhone apps).

I imagine that when ice cream disappears overnight and the raggedy old clothes that they can't let go of aren't there in the morning, the fairies did it. Basically, parenting level = win.

At 7, the years in which she believes are fleeting. It won't be long before someone tells her unicorns aren't real and she's too cool to enjoy Disney movies and fairy tales and far too mature to write to Santa and the Easter bunny. She has a lifetime to being a grown up ahead of her in a world that isn't always fair or fun. For now, we're happy to help her hold onto the magic. Even if it means writing super tiny notes that we have to drop in her room at 3 a.m. because we forgot to do it before bed.