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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thankful for ...

It seems only appropriate to take a moment to pause and appreciate the truly awesome bounty life gives us. This has been a big year, and I am overjoyed to see the fruits of our labor coming together to form a beautifully cherishable life. This year, I and thankful for:

A body strong enough to donate bone marrow and complete and Ironman six months later.

Smiling to boot
A beautiful home that fits our needs, puts us close to the kids and reminds us how fortunate we are every morning we wake up within its cozy walls.

These goobers, who love me and have been patient as I navigate the uncharted territory of blended families.

My wonderfully supportive husband, who made me a parent and has pushed me to achieve so many of my life goals while simultaneously taking care of our home and ensuring we never drink crap beer.

Proving you can have your cake and eat it too

And does my body markings and bike maintenance and static dryer sheet application
A wonderful network of family and friends who join us to celebrate and commiserate.

I love that we go on double dates to the theater
... with the same people we share hotel rooms and triathlon with
A job that rewards me, gives me opportunities to shine, provides me the freedom to work from home and the time to pursue amazing vacations.

This furface, who has transformed into a remarkable family dog the kiddos love (a plot twist I never saw coming).

The readers of this blog, who have supported me through many phases of life and allow me to have incredible experiences that enhance my ability to do the job I'm passionate about.

I am thankful every day for this and so much more. Life is good.

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Unknown said...

Love you! More triathlon adventures soon please!