Kelly the Culinarian: Barbecue Brunch at Kinfork Schaumburg

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Barbecue Brunch at Kinfork Schaumburg

Ever since I learned that brunch not only makes it acceptable to drink before noon, it makes it classy, I've been a fan. I like that you can get scrambled eggs with French fries, a pancake and a chicken wing and it's totally legit between the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Kinfork is a barbecue and moonshine bar in Schaumburg that's best known for airy, crispy hushpuppies and super tender smoked favorites served up with refined moonshine-based cocktails.

For reference:

Yeah, it's legit. This mixed barbecue plate features all the favorites, which I doused in the whiskey barbecue sauce. The ribs yielded under a fork and fell off the bone easily, and I love that the brisket was basted and finished with the barbecue sauce. It made it sweet and a bit crunchy on the outside.

But come New Year's Day, you can start 2017 with their twist on brunch. They'll offer a $20.17 gift card for your next visit to anyone who wears pajamas to either Kinfork or their sister property, Rack House in Arlington Heights. The Pajama BBQ Brunch will be your only chance to get these entrees:

At Rack House, you'll get a chance to order chilaquiles - the wood-fired jalapenos are sure to wake you up after an evening of celebrating. The drizzle of sour cream really brings it all together.

At Kinfork, this brisket benedict is worth waking up for. It's perfectly poached eggs atop house smoked brisket and a battered and grilled Parker House roll, all topped with Hollandaise. It was super rich, which meant it paired perfectly with a mimosa.

Both locations will offer their full menu. May I suggest Kinfork's skillet smores?

If you don't have any recovery plans for Jan. 1, I hear barbecue cures what ails you. See you at Kinfork or Rack House!

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