Kelly the Culinarian: Buh Bye, 2016

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Buh Bye, 2016

I really wish I was organized enough this year to do my annual "best of post," but let's be honest, 2016 was a dumpster fire we're all relieved to have made it through (please, Betty White and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, stay in tonight).

And seriously, who has time? This year, I/we have:

Went to the First Look for Charity Auto Show
Donated bone marrow/cured cancer
Ran a marathon (less than a month post donation)
Got engaged
Got married/Became a stepmom
Sold a house/bought a house
Completed the Ironman

We also went to Disney and vacationed in Texas for a week. By my account, I went to Texas three times this year and at least as many times to Madison for Ironman training. I also traveled to Washington, D.C., San Francisco and Jamaica, as well as a number of outings to Michigan to see family.
I'm looking forward to a less exciting 2017. One in which we enjoy being newlyweds in our new home, training for another marathon and Ironman and traveling whenever and wherever we can. So much happened in 2016 that I haven't even had a chance to put pen to paper on much of it - how we sold our house for list in two weeks, the recap of our wedding, brunch at Robert's Pizza downtown, what my crash landing into parenting has taught me, what I'm doing in the offseason to rock my Ironman swim .... one day I'll find the time.

What do you want me to write more about in the coming year?

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