Kelly the Culinarian: What's in store for 2017?

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What's in store for 2017?

I'm kind of over resolutions. Like what difference does it make when you start, as long as you start? Plus I'm happy with who and where I am in life, so I don't want to get all ambitious that I'm going to have a bikini competition body and spotless home any time this year.

Last year, I did a lot of grown up things - buying a house, selling a house, getting married, becoming a stepmom, donating bone marrow. It was exhausting.

One view of our house
So less of that stuff this year. Less life changes, more life enjoyment.

The biggest tangible New Year's resolution-type thing I want to do with my life this year is absolutely crush Ironman Wisconsin. I've done it twice, and both times I didn't go all out for various reasons. The first time, I had a ton of mechanical issues and was under trained. The second year, it was more important to me to finish together than test what was possible.

So in 2017, I want to find out what I'm capable of, if everything aligns on race day. I know I can take more time off of my finish, but I'm not sure how much. Instead, I will try my best to finish as speedy as I can.

Other than that, my only goal is to enjoy the life we've built. Cheers to another year!

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