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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cruising with Kelly: Keeping it healthy

Stand mixer Sunday will have to be Stand mixer Monday because the sourdough dinner roll recipe I'm working on simply didn't rise. It's unfortunate and I'm tweaking it for tomorrow.

In the interim, let's chat about cruise foods. This article on CNN talks about how more cruise lines are offering healthful alternatives to the butter-battered lobster and such. But the expert in this article even cites an expert who says she can't go on a cruise without having a melting chocolate cake. Having tasted that dish a couple of times, I concur.

One of the issues the article talks about is the constant availability of food and let me tell you, it could be an issue. There's the standard meals, then sushi in the evening, 24-hour pizza and ice cream and the occasional midnight buffet.

But the article says some cruise lines are getting rid of midnight buffets, a tradition I'd be sad to see go away. There was only one of these on our five-day cruise and it was an event. The line opens at 11 p.m. for photos and then around midnight you can start eating the display. This is more of a display than a buffet, of course.

There's carved fruit sculptures as well as ice sculptures and some decadent, beautiful desserts. Even at this buffet though, there are some great options -- there's plenty of fruit as well as protein and yogurt granola parfaits for dessert.

And it's even easier to eat well at the meals. Every breakfast is the same and offers health-conscience items like oatmeal, fruit and yogurt. Lunch is easy to eat well because there's all sorts of options, from rotisserie chicken to steamed veggies to build-your-own Thai stir fry. As for dinner, the main dining room is your best option. Healthful appetizers, entrees and desserts are clearly marked and quite tasty. There's always broiled fish and salads such as romaine lettuce and cherry tomatoes tossed in light dressing.

See, eating well isn't so difficult if you know where to look.

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