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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Media meal: Top Chef update

Tonight the Top Chef crew reportedly headed over to Ravenswood for a challenge. They posed it as a block party where they didn't get to shop, they had to raccoon stuff out of other people's homes. Chicago Tribune's The Stew reported that it wasn't really a block party and that the four homes they begged food from like monks were set up in advanced. Frankly, I'm shocked that reality television would mislead me that way.

Really, since when has a Chicago resident let strangers into their fully stocked pantry right after they returned from a local foods farmer's market? If so, can someone invite me over? I cook.

Anyhow, the food looked mighty tasty. When I was in Washington, D.C., I lived in the lively Petworth neighborhood and my landlord hosted an awesome block party. There was all kinds of food and great activities and treats for kids. I've never seen the kind of block party that was featured on Top Chef though. Maybe I need to throw a faux party ...

The bruleed smores looked delicious. I know the chefs complained about the mac and cheese and looks can be deceiving, but it looked pretty tasty to me.

I wish Top Chef would come to my neighborhood.

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