Kelly the Culinarian: Media meal: Every Day with Rachael Ray, April

Monday, March 10, 2008

Media meal: Every Day with Rachael Ray, April

Now I know why it's "Every Day." I swear, I'm getting one every day.

Anyhow, here's what's in store for April.

  • A recipe for Chicago-style butter and garlic pizza (I'm not real familiar with this combo, but I guess what qualifies as Chicago is subjective)

  • A five-ingredient apple-butter pork recipe

  • Adorable examples of cupcakes in the shape of bowling pins and flowers

  • A review of canned soups

  • A day of food for Emily Proctor of CSI: Miami

  • Main-course salad recipes (I need it to be spring!)

  • A review of the pros and cons of spatulas (oddly interesting)

  • A guide to the style on the set of Rachael Ray's talk show

  • A time table for different methods of cooking bacon

  • A tasty-looking two-chili rack of lamb

  • Tasty spring meals

  • Lighter comfort food (who would've ever thought Rachael Ray would be healthful?)

  • Recipes for a matchmaking party (bizarre ... but I can support the panini bar and gelato bar)

  • Nascar-themed party eats

  • Guides for seeing Boston

  • Bargains and splurges in Taos, New Mexico

  • Alicia Silverstone's fridge (What-ever.)

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Larramie said...

Kelly, you need to enter Rachel's "So You Think You Can Cook" contest.