Kelly the Culinarian: Media meal: Every Day with Rachael Ray, May

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Media meal: Every Day with Rachael Ray, May

It must be spring. Rachael Ray is wearing a summer dress on the cover and has an adorable pixie cut. And there are flowers and greenery that give me hope that there might actually be sun on the horizon.

  • A recipe for the ultimate Caesar dressing from Mr. Big himself, Chris Noth
  • A review of vacuums (yawn)
  • Software to help you create your own heirloom cookbook (awesome gift potential)
  • An explanation on why a drop in bee population is a horrible thing
  • A review of the best barbecue sauces (I heart!)
  • A day in the eating life of Valerie Bertinelli (and it's not just that Jenny Craig stuff)
  • A turkey tortilla casserole that looks amazing
  • A review of electric griddles (I'm not a big fan of them)
  • Recipe for a colorful, rich bacon-avocado griddle pizza
  • How to store, clean, cook and serve asparagus (it's never looked this tasty)
  • Budget meals ... we need them with that recession looming
  • An ode to mom
  • Delicious cake recipes and decorating tips -- I wish I had an occasion to make one
  • Entree-worthy soups and sandwiches
  • Morning meals for mom's brunch
  • A cowboy burger (which reminds me of my dear friend Rick who invented the cowboy diet: apples, Gatorade, beef jerky, beer and water. I don't recommend it)
  • Rocky road cookie sandwiches ... I want, I lust over these
  • How-to for a block party
  • New takes on make-at-home TV dinners
  • Spring-inspired floral drinks
  • Spa services around the country
  • Capturing the romance of Amtrak travel (I've taken the train, it might be hard to capture)
  • Nachos around the country that are more than just bar food
  • The fridge of Katie Lee Joel

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