Kelly the Culinarian: Top Chef Chicago: Da Bears!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Top Chef Chicago: Da Bears!

This week for Top Chef, the contenders did a tailgate party for a Bears game at soldier field. It must have been really early in the season because it looks nice out and this winter was ridiculously nasty.

Perhaps more exciting than the elimination challenge was the quickfire. The chefs were tasked with creating a dish that pairs perfect with a beer. They were all upscale beers, no Miller Lite here, but it was still interesting. It was mostly classy bar food like oysters, fried shrimp and coleslaw and burgers. It looked nicer than anything I've ever ordered at a bar.

And it's an interesting challenge. I might not know what wine goes best with a braised pork chop, but I could tell if my amuse bouche is best suited for a pairing with Amber Boch. Great challenge.

The foods offered for tailgating ran the gambit from a pate melt (a play on a patty melt) to sausage and pepper heros to parsnip potato whip and poached pears.

The one eliminated, Ryan, claims this challenge was out of his league because he's a metrosexual of sorts whose not into sports. Now, I don't follow anything in the sports arena except my Cubbies, but I think he's got a lame excuse. Just because I've never been to a meeting of the United Nations doesn't mean that I couldn't figure out what to serve at such an event.


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