Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: What I'm Doing Instead

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Training Tuesday: What I'm Doing Instead

My triathlon season is officially over and I have zero race commitments until Sept. 7, 2014.

I just have that little Ironman thing looming ahead like a slow-motion collision I can't react to fast enough. But training doesn't start until 24 weeks from the race, so right now, my training schedule is a big, empty calendar.

Honestly, I'm trying to keep things light and easy. I want to maintain my base without injuring myself. To that end, I'm seeing a physical therapist three times a week to straighten out the pain I'm feeling behind my knee.

I continue to go to CrossFit Endurance training twice a week to work on my strength and, well, endurance.

I swim, bike and run one day a week, focusing on speed intervals and drills.

But instead of training twice a day and running on my lunch break, I've been doing lots of other fun things.

Like actually going out to lunch. I won a free month of lunches from Roti during a grand opening event and have gone there almost daily. No shame.

And reading books ... even if they are triathlon related. I'm researching the Hanson method for a spring marathon, which would mean I'd start training next month.

I'm also baking a lot more.

And making chefy dinners for Tim and I.

Drinking hard apple cider.

And going to fun events I've always wanted to get to, like the Chicago Food Swap.

Part of me is enjoying this brief respite, while the other part of me is completely freaking out about the lack of training volume and intensity. I also stopped weighing myself this month and am a bit concerned about what will happen at the end of October as I pair decreased training with all those free Roti lunches.

Time will tell, of course, how this all pans out.

Do you take an "off season"? Do you rest completely, or do something else?


Unknown said...

It's A-OK to take it easy. You'll be fine come January/Feb. I kind of burnt out hard after Racine. I thought I was ready for some speedy training, but really I just wasn't ready to commit to running 3+ times per week at all. Only finally am I actually feeling like I could commit to a training plan.

Work on those weaknesses (injury management/prevention, strength) and speed as the focus on the low volume.

Jamie said...

I'm glad you are taking a little bit of a break! We always take November-January a bit easier and then pick it back up again. Our training for our Ironman doesn't start until March 10th, it's exciting though!

Losing Lindy said...

I think a break is good, maybe try yoga, or other stretching that your PT approves of. Also we need to make another date~!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya… I'm struggling with the off season, too, and am antsy to get back at it! Bring on IMWI training! :) All those meals look delicious! Yum!