Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: So, what's next?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Training Tuesday: So, what's next?

After an Ironman closely followed by a secret marathon, I get a lot of funny looks, side eyes and concerned comments.

"Won't that destroy your knees?"

"Aren't you tired?"

"Is this how you're coping with your .... 'situation'?"

"Oh honey, there's more to life than running."

"Well, good for you [eye roll]."

"You're a machine!"

(All real, recent conversations)

The truth is, I really enjoy running. A lot. I've written before about all the things I get out of running, which has never been more true than at this juncture in my life.

But now that I'm all healed up from Ironman Wisconsin, what does one do after that? There are many options: improve my 5K time enough to place in a circuit, focus on improving my swim stroke with master's swim classes, qualify for the Boston Marathon, complete a few more century rides, tackle my long-standing official half marathon PR, run back-to-back marathons, travel somewhere exotic for a race, do another Ironman ....

Sigh. Choices are hard. But being an adult is even harder, because there's this little factor of money to consider. Races aren't cheap, triathlons even less so, and Ironmans? Well, there's a reason why people joke it's the sport of the 1 percent.

So here, my dear readers, is what's next after an Ironman:

I want to PR my next marathon. Specifically, I want to run a 3:40 next spring at Circular Logic.

Big, bold goal. But I'm officially a badass so it's time to keep not settling. Plus, I need redemption against a run that broke my spirit and busted up my stomach.
So here's to the next pursuit. To the early mornings, to the meal prep, to the laundry, to the speedwork, to the pain, to the triumph.

Here's to being proud but never satisfied. Join me for the next chapter.


Unknown said...

Definitely a badass. I'm trying to earn that status as well. I've got NYC just 3 weeks after completing Chicago. I'll likely switch races and join Mo in the full in Vegas just 2 weeks after that. Hopefully that earns me badass status as well. I have a feeling Mo is going to try and recruit me to run Circular Logic. I hit 3:49 on Sunday with a wonky stomach so 3:40 or below isn't out of the realm of possibilities. Perhaps we can pace each other?

Maggie W said...

I used to hate when people would worry about my knees for me. But now that I am recovering from a knee "something" that occured when I wasn't even running all that much (I've given up trying to figure out why my knee hurts beyond "bad biomechanics" and a weak ass), I guess they were on to something.

All I'm saying is, give yourself LOTS of time to make sure you are totally recovered from IM before jumping into another training cycle. I don't know what the standard amount of time is though, I'm not a coach. I read somewhere (on the internet, so it must be true) that for running races, you should give yourself one day for every mile you raced before you're recovered. I don't know how to convert for swim & bike miles.

And so what if this is how you are coping with your "situation." What would they rather you do, hang out at the bar? Sleep around? (Not that there is anything wrong with either, but running is a pretty damn healthy way to cope with stress.)

Unknown said...

Some of those comments are just annoying and ignorant ;) Don't people know that runners are crazy beings? With that said, I say go for it all. Money is a concern/back-thought but it when is it not, right? Don't hesitate to do something that makes you happy (easier said than done, I know, but at least it's a decent mentality to have) go for that marathon! And Ironman #2! And everything else haha

Losing Lindy said...

What an awesome goal. How about an ultra after that??(notice how I am good at making goals for others and completely disregard my own?)

Zenaida Arroyo said...

I love your goal of 3:40. And I know you will achieve it. And I agree with Maggie on this coping with your situation. So what? At least it is a healthier way. Listen to what Deena wrote on your poster "Believe and Achieve". :-)