Kelly the Culinarian: Granite City Brewery Opening in Naperville

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Granite City Brewery Opening in Naperville

 I snagged an invite this week to a really fun event - Granite City Brewery is opened in Naperville this weekend and hosted a number of events to show the community what they have to offer and get their staff battle ready for dealing with huge crowds.  I rolled in Monday both thirsty and hungry, so it was a great combo.

First off, this place is a great space - there's a gigantic custom bar, lots of cozy booths and a covered outdoor area with a generously sized fireplace. So of course, my first stop was the bar. They had several friendly waiters making the rounds with samples, which I tried all of. Research people, research.  Of course, as a dark beer, fan, I quickly snapped up with porter and got myself some snackies. The pretzels at this place are amazing, as is the ahi tuna bite with wasabi avocado sauce and the scallop shooter. I'm not a big meatloaf fan, but word on the street was this was pretty good.

In addition to the bar's signature homebrews, there was a selection of local guest taps and their favorite house cocktails, including the perfect patron margarita and the flying monkey (pink drink, yes please).

After enjoying a few beverages, you'd better believe I hit the mini desserts. The best by far was this smores dessert that was a dark chocolate pudding with toasted marshmallow fluff on top and graham crackers on the side. Swoon.

The place was packed!
So if you're in Naperville this weekend, check it out. My favorite food was the pretzel appetizer, the stout was delicious and the flying monkey cocktail was top notch. Go get it!


Mo said...

Jakre says that this is a chain, and he has eaten there before in Michigan. I'm making him take me there sometime soon. You should definitely join us!

Losing Lindy said...

looks like an awesome space

Unknown said...

There has been a Granite City in my hometown for about ten years and I can't wait to try out the Naperville location since it's relatively close to me. My boss went to one of the preview events last week and was raving about it. I'm definitely going to be giving it a try!