Kelly the Culinarian: How I Gained 20 Pounds in Five Months

Monday, November 24, 2014

How I Gained 20 Pounds in Five Months

Sigh, this post was a long time coming. Time to fess up.
I'm now at my highest weight ever. Like more than I was when I got married.
May 2009

More than when I hit my "breaking point."
July 2010
Twenty over what I was at when I ran my PR marathon this spring.
May 2014
And way more than the last time I wore a bikini.
I'd like to be her again
I'm not going to make excuses. My life got out of hand and I should have been able to at least control what I put in my mouth, but when shit is crazy, sometimes you can only focus on so much. It's not that much incrementally, when you think about it, just a pound a week. But it adds up and keeps building if you don't get in front of it, which is exactly what happened to me.

1. Went on vacation. At the end of June, I was in Mexico for a week, after which I never really got back on track. Typically I'll be super good about food for two weeks before a vacation, then two weeks after. Instead, I batted for the fences and enjoy all the drinks and all the food I could, and worked out rarely during that week because I also fell the first day and scraped my knee open so significantly I couldn't get in the water.

2. Moved cross country ... twice. So that was fun. Moving is really stressful, and took far more energy, effort and attention that I ever thought possible.
When they say they unpack your stuff, this is what they really mean
3. Lived out of a suitcase for six weeks. No kitchen, no control. Lots of stretchy clothes.
A new take on minimalism
4. Trained for an Ironman. And when you work out twice a day and all day every weekend, you can eat anything, right? (Answer: nope).
Weight gain is hard to hide in a wetsuit
5. Got lazy with what I was eating. I like carbs a lot. And chocolate. And froyo. I also ate my feelings more than once ... I distinctly remember sitting on my kitchen counter eating peanut butter with a spoon and crying. I'm not the only person who's ever done that.

6. Got stressed at work. It wouldn't be called work if it wasn't work, right? This spring, I was super diligent about pre-work training sessions and running at lunch. Now, not so much. I really wish that working my ass off meant I really was removing portions of my ass in the process.
7. Stopped weighing myself. I knew I couldn't handle the truth, but I wish I had stopped at five or 10 pounds rather than letting this go on and on.
8. Discovered beer. And not just any beer - really great, amazing craft beer. Which is not low calorie.
9. Went out. A lot. I'm not about to order a salad on a date, so that did not help my cause at all.
So, honest moment over, time to move on. Time to get back to black.


Candace Karu said...

All of us who struggle with weight can relate to this post. You have been through an extraordinarily stressful time. Now you have to take care of yourself and that means eating healthy foods and sticking to your workout schedule. Indulge in non-food treats - an occasional massage, those earrings you saw last week. Listen to your body's hunger signals, not your heart's. Sending lots of positive energy your way!

Amanda said...

For the record, I think you look great! I know that doesn't really help you out though. And I originally lost 90 pounds (WW) and have since gained 35 back. I know keep losing and re-gaining the same 10 lbs of that. But I really want to get back down to my goal weight, where I was in 2010. Good luck!

Losing Lindy said...

It has not been an easy time by any means. It is by far easier and cheaper to eat crap. I can attest to that. I know you will find the strength within and the will power. You are such an amazing lady.

Unknown said...

These things ebb and flow, don't be hard on yourself. You're already taking steps in the right direction and that's what matters!

Regan Jones, RDN said...

I'm with Candace... us weight strugglers "get it"... and especially in light of the "$hit" that happens in life. We're all sending positive energy your way!!

Anne said...

I lost 10 pounds due to stress this summer, and then gained it right back as things started getting better, so in a way I'm right there with you. It's hard not to eat your feelings sometimes. I think the important part is identifying what happened and acknowledging it, which you've done. Good luck getting back on track, Kelly 3.0!

Unknown said...

I think this is just one of the ups and downs of life. Don't worry though, you will get back there!

Also F U Corrigan moving!

Zenaida Arroyo said...

You're being too hard on yourself. This year was full of ups and down for you. I am sure 2015 will be a great year for you!

Oh, by the way, did you ever make it to Cafe Iberico? Delicious tapas and sangria!! :-)