Kelly the Culinarian: #WhatsGoodNow at Seasons 52

Friday, September 4, 2015

#WhatsGoodNow at Seasons 52

Fall is my favorite season. It's perfect running weather, all the foods are my favorites and who doesn't love tall boots and scarves?  I say bring on the apple and pumpkin and roasts because now's the time.  Seasons 52 invited me out to try the fall menu and it was all around awesome. Rachael was my super saucy date and we had a blast eating through the menu.  It was all things roasted and slow cooked, packed with mushrooms and spices and all my favorite autumn dishes.

We started with flatbreads, which included a triple roasted mushroom offering as well as the roasted tomato I had before. The mushroom was far and away the best, because despite being vegetarian, it was quite filling and had an array of flavors. I also couldn't pass up an opportunity to try the fall cocktails. Get yourself to a Seasons 52 and try the pumpkin pisco sour NOW. It's not the BS starbucks latte that tastes like a mouth full of gingersnap. It's a creamy cocktail with all the earthy roasted flavors of pumpkin complemented by aromatic bitters, which are applied table side. I will dream of this cocktail.

Our appetizers included roasted butternut squash ravioli, which we made quick work of, and a roasted artichoke and goat cheese pizza. And since one amazing cocktail deserves another, I had the pearfect storm, which was surprisingly refreshing for containing quite a bit of sweet liquors. I think it was the thyme that really brought it all together.

What's pretty great about fall, and the menu in general, is that vegetarian offerings are plentiful, filling and flavorful. It's not fun going finding out that the only vegetarian offering is a tiny plate of boring pasta. While we awaited our entrees, I devoured a cup of mushroom bisque, which was delightfully flavored and seasoned. I could have gladly had a bowl with a crusty roll and called my day done.  The salad Rachael ordered was quite generous as well.

Finally, the main event. I ordered scallops on the recommendation of our waiter and they were so tasty - melt in your mouth goodness with just the right amount of toastiness on the outside. Sadly, I could only enjoy a few before I was full.

But not full enough for dessert. I got the smores mini dessert and enjoyed it big time. It was a chocolate mouse with a chocolate-dipped graham cracker and toasted marshmallow. Paired with coffee, it was the perfect end to a perfect meal.

Thanks to Seasons 52 for the invitation, and to Rachael for being such a lovely date!


Zenaida Arroyo said...

I did not know you were vegetarian! Or did I?

I've been to Seasons 52 in Oak Brook and love it. Everything on the menu is so good.

KellytheCulinarian said...

I'm not, but my date is!