Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Training Tuesday

It's on! I'm now two weeks into my official Ironman Wisconsin training plan and feel pretty good. Even last week, it was strange to think how recently I completed a marathon. I just didn't feel that bad. In fact, I'm feeling pretty darn good about the first few weeks of Ironman training.

I've done a long trainer ride, a few shorter turbo spins and several sessions in the pool. I'm also finally running like before my bone marrow donation, albeit a little slower than before.
The biggest change I've made is I'm back at CrossFit! I'm starting with the intro classes again to make sure I haven't forgotten all the prudent safety stuff. It feels really good to have it in the mix again.

Up next, I'm going to Madison this weekend to bike the loop. It'll be a big jump up, distance and time wise, but the weather is supposed to be gorgeous. I don't want to waste a good afternoon. The plan calls for two to three hours of riding, so it's about even anyhow.

What I'm looking forward to is mornings that are brighter earlier, and weather that is a little more stable. I'd love to go for a five-mile run outside before work, or a quick 5K at lunch. But first, it needs to stop snowing in April and being dark outside well beyond my second cup of coffee.

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