Kelly the Culinarian: Brunch at The Chocolate Sanctuary

Monday, May 16, 2016

Brunch at The Chocolate Sanctuary

I was last at The Chocolate Sanctuary for dinner and was so excited to hear about their brunch offering. They invited me to dine there this weekend but the opinions are my own, as always.

The brunch here is unique in that you can order a la carte or enjoy a buffet that includes house-made pastries, omelette and carving stations and a waffle pop stop.

Yes, waffle pops. Waffles on a stick, with or without candied bacon inside, topped with whatever your heart desires. The turtle toppings with bacon inside was my favorite combo.

In addition to showstopping food on a stick, no brunch is complete without beverages. I enjoyed the pineapple mojito, but the bellini stole the show. It was a refreshing way to start the day. The coffee was also top notch, and I appreciated the presentation of all the accouterments.

I opted for the buffet so I could taste as many options as possible. They make great omelettes there, and the two-bite muffins were super cute too. I'm typically a sweet breakfast person and tend to go for pancakes whenever possible, but my favorite offering was the Lox bites, which were small morsels of smoked salmon rolled around bites of sour cream and chives and topped with a spot of capers. It was delicious and definitely fresh.

What I loved about this particular brunch was that a lot of the fan favorites on the menu are available on the buffet, perfectly sized for tasting. We tried the ribs, the shrimp cocktail and the ceviche, for example, in a few delicious bites.

The only problem is now I definitely have to go back to The Chocolate Sanctuary and I live woefully far from this perfection. Thank you again for the invite!

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