Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Training Tuesday

How I feel about training
Sometimes I get it together, sometimes I can just get by.  I've been doing CrossFit twice a week fairly consistently, and I'm already feeling better about my results there. I forgot how transformative it is, and I missed weight lifting more than I realized.

I haven't been able to take my bike outside since we biked the Ironman course, but I have completed several multi-hour trainer rides and even a few turbo trainer videos for variety.

I get nervous when I can't make all the workouts, but the fact of the matter is triathlons are a hobby for me, and one that comes after my family and my work. I do what I can with what time I have, which on some days isn't much.

The furthest I've run in a while has been seven miles on the treadmill. I need to do better, but the weather has been particularly soggy and I didn't want to brave the great outdoors. I've been favoring short, fast runs in an attempt to get my speed back after my bone marrow donation.

And swimming is just blah to me. I feel slow. I need more drills and more sprints. The whole gasping for breath, burning eyes and tired arms feeling has been elusive to me lately.

It's strange, I feel like I could do an Ironman today if I had to, but I feel so far away from the start line right now that it seems daunting.

On to more workouts, more training and more pain.

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