Kelly the Culinarian: What I Forgot About CrossFit

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What I Forgot About CrossFit

I'm a little more than a month into a new CrossFit regime. It's at a new gym and with new trainers, so I started at square one with their onboarding program to make sure I remembered the basics.
While the vernacular and movements are still familiar to me, there's so much that I forgot about CrossFit workouts and the culture in general.
  • You will feel like you can't keep up. Because you can't, initially. I came up half a round short on a workout that had a 40-minute cap. I'd rather do as much as I can with all the time allotted than scale the workout and be done in half the time allowed.
  • You will be hungry. A lot more than anticipated. And for protein. Muscles need fuel.
  • Your hands hurt. I didn't realize how soft I'd gotten until I tried to row and do kipping pull ups in the same workout. Not good at all. My delicate little office worker hands are not used to this stuff.
  • Your results are promising. It's pretty interesting to me how quickly I'm starting to see a change. It could just be wishful thinking, but I hope to get into that whole shedding for the wedding thing, so no time like the present.
  • You wonder why it's so damn expensive. Seriously, the group personal training aspect is great, but I could probably get an actual personal trainer for about the same cost.

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Unknown said...

Agreed that it's really expensive for something that is basically barbells and weights! However, I pay $65 per session with my personal trainer plus the monthly gym fee so I don't know if that's necessarily cheaper. I guess it depends on how much your box charges. Regardless, I think it's totally worth it!