Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Three Things Thursday

1. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I wrapped up my real estate transactions for a long, long time. I was far more emotional than I anticipated leaving my old house for the last time. Here's what I wrote:

Good bye, first house. We bought it because that was what I thought people who were getting married did. It had "room to grow." For the first five years, it was my albatross, tethering me to a location and a situation I couldn't see my way out of. Its aura was as stormy as the life unfolding within its walls. I couldn't give this place away at the end of my marriage, so the rock that held me back became the one I built my new life upon. For the subsequent two and a half years, I crafted a new career and family here. We filled it with game nights and family dinners and training for #IMWI. We sold it rapid-fire style at 96 percent of list price. The love shows, and it sells. This is where my new story began, and tomorrow, another family will start their story here. Thank you, little house, for shielding me from the storm.

2. In cheerier news, our new house has so much outdoor space we barely know what to do with it all (landscaping? What is this new beast?). So naturally, we've added a massive upgraded grill, a new patio set, and the smoker we've been lusting after for six months. We busted it out on Monday to make ribs and smoked potatoes and they were fabulous. I don't mind cooking all day at all when this is the end product.

3. Because I've been asked: I will be changing my name when I get hitched. I already jumped the gun and got this awesome housewarming present from Classy, right? I'm a sucker for anything personalized.


Anne said...

Welcome to the world of having 3 last names! Totally worth it since the 3rd name is the charm, but also kind of annoying at times...

Maggie W said...

My motto is, it's cool to have a shared family name, but pick the cooler name between the two of you.