Kelly the Culinarian: 2019 First Look for Charity at the Chicago Auto Show

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

2019 First Look for Charity at the Chicago Auto Show

This event makes me so happy! #FLFC19 is hands down my favorite event of the year (See 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015). It's the best way to see the Chicago Auto Show while giving back to worthy causes. It supports a bevy of local charities that support the Chicagoland area in a variety of ways. And for weeks leading up to the big night, I was pumped to see the cars, drink the drinks and eat everything in sight.
This year's event did not disappoint! In fact, I feel like it was less crowded this year and had some interesting offerings, both in the cars and the food.

But first thing's first, for those who asked my dress was another Ross special and the shoes I've had forever but were originally from DSW. And yes, my mother picked out the dress, just like most of my wardrobe (you're never too old to be mothered).
First clink!

We decided against getting a hotel this year because of last year's shenanigans and instead took Lyft back and forth and got to McCormick Place with time to spare. This year, they were passing out champagne in custom glasses while you waited for the show to open, which is always an upgrade in my book.

When the doors were opened, we made a beeline to the Goose Island area, which this year included an entire CTA subway car with taps. And this year's taps were something to behold - there was a keg of Bourbon County Brand Stout that never kicked, despite me circling back for more several times. It was basically magical. It's the first time they've had it on tap in the five years I've been going to this event and it was such an awesome surprise. They also had an exclusive saison I hadn't hear of.
After selecting our drinks, we had a far more leisurely stroll around the show floor, admiring cars and making friends. Four-legged friends that I really wanted to take home (thanks Volvo and Subaru!) but alas, we are a one-dog household.

I also seriously considered this vanlife movement when I saw some of the newer vans. Social media is a great field for remote work, after all.

But let's talk food. Delicious, glorious food. I had a ton and regret nothing. This was only my second cheat meal since the beginning of the transformation challenge and I did it up right. The best thing I ate all night was this Captain Jack's Buried Treasure dessert from Miller's Ale House. I looked it up on their website and it's described as, "Triple layered vanilla ice cream cake, Oreo®cookie crust, Heath Bar® crunch crumble, caramel and hot fudge sauce."

Well worth the calories, in my opinion, dethroning Andy's as my favorite auto show treat. But another treat I really enjoy is looking at the supercar gallery up close and personal. It's always fun to ogle cars that are worth many times more than my home.

We stayed until the very end and soaked up all the show has to offer. Believe me that I got my Cadillac slippers and even built a lego truck in honor of the new movie before taking a car home and sleeping heartily with all the delightful food we consumed helping me along the way.

A huge thank you to the Chicago Auto Show for inviting me to the fabulous event year after year!

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