Kelly the Culinarian: #FLFC15: Fast cars and fancy(ish) gowns

Sunday, February 15, 2015

#FLFC15: Fast cars and fancy(ish) gowns

Friday night was a dream come true: I attended the Chicago Auto Show's First Look for Charity with a bunch of other Chicago Food Bloggers. You may recall that I had the chance to taste test the bites and bevs featured at the event last month, which was just a big old tease for the big night. First, I donned my fanciest of apparel: a $6 gown from Goodwill and red lips, because that complimented the champagne so well:

Some highlights on the automotive side include test drives with Jeep and Chrysler (there may have been little squeals from me going down the side of a hill in a Wrangler and then accelerating in a Charger), as well as luxuriating in cars more expensive than my mortgage.
The food and drinks were as amazing as last month's preview. I enjoyed mac and cheese alongside sushi and spring rolls. It was such a decadent array of bites that I never tired to looking for the next table.

Sadly, though, my feet sure did. This man at Cadillac was my knight in shining armor by 10 p.m.

Another food highlight included eating this:
In one of these:
Thanks again to the Chicago Food Bloggers and the Chicago Auto Show for inviting me to this once-in-a-lifetime event. I had such a blast looking at amazing feats of engineering and enjoying equally breathtaking food. If you have a chance to visit the Chicago Auto Show this year, head to the supercar playground and enjoy the Jeep test-drive experience, if you can. It's an amazing ride!


Unknown said...

Sa-weeeeet! I want to go sit in the fancy cars!

Nice bracelet! ;)

Why didn't we get a full length pick of the $6 gown?

Maggie W said...

I agree, where is a full shot of the dress? I wanna see the best that $6 can buy.

Pete B said...

Free slippers are almost as good as free beer!