Kelly the Culinarian: Win it Wednesday: National Etching Stainless Steel Growler Giveaway

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Win it Wednesday: National Etching Stainless Steel Growler Giveaway

I'm excited for this stellar giveaway! My love affair with beer started when my sister and I traveled to Seattle a few years ago, and it's just grown to a full-on obsession. I have waited in lines at dawn to buy beers, and I have quite a few bottles aging in my make-shift beer cellar. I'm even getting into home brewing.

Anyhow, I'll pick up growlers at local breweries to bring home and share at Sunday dinners or the end of group runs (nothing is better than liquid carbs after a long run. Nothing.). The catch is, most breweries sell growlers, and I always feel weird asking to fill a growler from another brewery. I don't really want a growler for every brewery I've visited, because sometimes I'll just get one and not want to fill it again.

Which is why I was really excited when National Etching contacted me about their newest product, customized stainless steel growlers. I got the 64 ounce version, solely for selfless research, of course, and am really impressed with the quality and stylishness of it. It's a high-quality material, and the stopper makes an excellent seal to keep your beer tasty and fresh. Stainless also cools quickly, which will get your beer to the right temp in a hurry.

Want to add one to your collection? National Etching will provide one lucky winner with a 64-ounce growler of their own, and the winner will be select via Rafflecopter in one week. Get on that!

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Unknown said...

I just peeled the label off my Lunar Brewing growler because I am classy like that. I really don't need a ton of growlers floating around. Matt would just complain about having too much stuff! The new place has like 6 closets though so I could just hide them in one!

Dhjax11 said...

Love this! My hubby would enjoy it and like u, he doesn't feel right filling a growler from one brewery at another. I try to encourage him to buy growlers only from our favorite breweries and this solves the problem prefectly so he can fill it at random breweries we visit without feeling obligated to buy one featuring their logo. Thanks a million!

Sue Hull said...

This is so cool! Thank you for the chance :)