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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Food Review: RawSpiceBar Subscription Service

I've been in contact with RawSpiceBar for weeks about their new service, which sends hand-selected specialty spices to lucky cooks monthly. What makes this service unique is that they're providing flavors and ingredients not commonly used in North America - yet. Plus, the entire thing is incredibly affordable. At $6 a month, it's cheaper than Netflix and allows users to try new flavor profiles in their own kitchen. This is big for me - so often, I'll eat something at a restaurant and not be able to quite pull it together at home, or realize that I don't have the right equipment or patience to make it work at home.

So each month, an envelope arrives with 3-4 spice packets, recipes, an overview and directions:
It's actually a really classy presentation. The spices are toasted and freshly ground, and each envelope has a little seal on the inside so they don't go flying everywhere the moment you rip it open.

The recipes in the packet say they feed eight to 12 people, but my experience more like 4-5 servings. I started with the February RawSpiceBar Box, which featured an array of Indian spices. What's interesting is that despite the exotic flavors, I found everything except one ingredient (fresh ginger) at ALDI. The spices are the soul of what makes these creations special.

However, this was definitely a labor of love. I like spending time in the kitchen and find working on new recipes soothing. It doesn't bother me to spend two hours chopping and simmering, but if you're racing the clock, best to save these recipes for later. Also, to see photos of the finished product, you have to go online and view them; they're not included in the package. I assume this helps keep cost down, and I usually cook with my laptop open anyhow. The Punjabi Chicken Tikka Masala was delicious over brown rice with a side of naan, and I picked up a new trick baking the Nankhatai Chai Cookies. Rice flour added a bit of crunch and an interesting texture to the cookies that I plan to try with other recipes. Also, I learned a new use for shot glasses with this recipe ... as cookie cutters.

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Dhjax11 said...

My favorite spice....may be boring but I love cinammon.....and garlic. For something a little less ordinary I also love paprika. Thanks for the chance to win, this is one I'd really enjoy and I love cooking and baking and would enjoy getting the new spices to try out each month, thanks for ghe chance to win