Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: On 20s and Triumphs

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Training Tuesday: On 20s and Triumphs

Perfect weather for 20 miles
I haven't been blogging much about my training because it goes something like this: I got up, I ran, I went to work, I biked, etc. I'm following an intermediate marathon training plan I found online, but I'm concerned about this marathon training cycle because I've a) gained weight and b) am not doing CrossFit twice a week anymore. I have a hard time justifying the cost with already having an LA Fitness membership that I rarely use (as I don't need a pool for triathlon training at this particular moment).

How I felt post run
So, I soldier on, investing hours with the basement treadmill. It's been a relatively mild winter, but nonetheless, my only outdoor adventures are for my long run. This home treadmill will keep going for more than an hour, but I just can't run that long indoors staring at my television. The furthest I've gone on the thing this training cycle is eight miles.

Fun fact: I ran 20 miles Saturday. While I wanted to die in the last two miles of my 18-miler the weekend before, I felt pretty happy during this 20-miler. I realized this is the furthest training run I've done since the 20-miler I ran in Seattle last year while training for the Vermont Marathon with the Cabot Fit Team. My what a difference a year makes.

What will happen on March 28 will happen. I don't know if I have another PR in me. My mid-week treadmill runs at faster than marathon pace feel great, but a treadmill is not what I'm competing with come Circular Logic. It will be me and the unrelenting 26 loops I'll complete, hopefully in three hours and 40 minutes. Until then, it's me, the treadmill and the TV. I may need more viewing materials.


Pete B said...

I am wondering how my treadmill training will translate to race times in the spring as well. Good luck with your training for Circular Logic!

Unknown said...

Great job on getting to 20 miles almost a month earlier than before! You can do it! And maybe you should try some treadmill longer run time to get the idea of the monotony!!! :) Just have a dog pop up at you when your treadmill beeps that you did a mile!

Unknown said...

Treadmill or no treadmill, it's great that you're keeping up with your training through winter/off-season! I'm cheering for you!


Losing Lindy said...

Our newest find on Netflix is "How the States got their Shapes"