Kelly the Culinarian: You Might Be a Beer Geek if ....

Saturday, February 7, 2015

You Might Be a Beer Geek if ....

If this is what your sister gives you for Christmas.
This is how you prepare for a snowstorm (please note, this is the good stuff).
You own the real-deal glassware (and tekus are totally worth the money, if you're curious).
Your vacations usually involve a good deal of this - Mandy and I bond over beer tastings.
This is the sign of a trip well-spent (Our second sister trip to Phoenix).
You decorate like this - my pint glasses are my memories. They're places I've enjoyed, things I've experienced and happy moments in my life.

And you have your own growler, that looks like this:

I got this stainless steel growler from National Etching and am so, so excited about it. A lot of breweries will offer discounts to fill a growler, but won't fill ones from other breweries. Now I have my own to fill up wherever, plus is super stylish. It also has this very nice flip top that's lined with silicone, which I think will hold the carbonation better.

Like it? Stay tuned ...