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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

IKEA run!

My sister, Mandy, is getting ready to move into another apartment. She's in grad school in Chicago, but this is one of several places she's lived during college and grad school. I heart IKEA and could spend all day there ... and have, which is why my husband won't come here with me anymore. It's like a time warp. You think that you've been there an hour, but really, seasons have passed outside.

Did you know IKEA has a food section? There are frozen foods and different processed items, including a blueberry drink concentrate, coffee, premade cinnamon rolls, lots of lingonberries and lingonberry bread. The big allure for me was the chocolate: they had a deal going on where you get three giant bars of chocolate of your choice for $2.49. You had a choice between milk, dark and milk with hazelnut. Since dark chocolate is a health food, that's what I went with.

I restrained myself, and despite Mandy and I shutting down the store, I only spent $16 on kitchen towels, a cutlery tray, baking cups a cheap clock for my bathroom, some giant IKEA bags, three chocolate bars, a spatula and a scrapper. Here are some great buys that they have:

Chopping Boards $2.99

Baking Cups $.99

Dish Towel $.79

3-Piece Utensil Set $.49

Dark Chocolate $.99

Serving Bowl $2.99

Happy shopping!

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stephanie said...

I so so wish we had an IKEA that was closer than 9 hours away! although my husband is probably glad we don't :)