Kelly the Culinarian: Guest Post: Jenny's Journey

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Guest Post: Jenny's Journey

Hi readers! I'm on vacation in a place where even the Internet can't reach me.  In the meantime, I've lined up a series of fabulous guest blogs from people who must kind of like me or something.  Enjoy!

Facebook, friends and tutus

On Tuesday 27th November 2012 at 11:10am (precisely), I was asked if I would like to write a guest piece for Kelly’s blog while she is whisked away on a fabulous cruise (jealous).

I was so touched and excited(squeal) I had to say yes straight away (who wouldn’t?). It’s such a huge responsibility to write for someone who has worked hard on his or her content and readership and I wanted to make sure I did a good job.

I’ve considered starting my own blog on numerous occasions. A Brit living across the world, experiencing the American culture, running races and traveling to different states, what on earth would I blog about(?). Truth be told, I’m not the best writer, but now and again I can pull a few paragraphs out of my butt and rearrange them on paper.

A friend of mine recently asked me how I know Kelly(?) Easy I said, I met her on Facebook with the majority of my other running friends. I’ve always been a computer fan(nerd) and I rely on the internet to keep me in touch with everyone back home in sunny England. In December 2011, I typed “running group” into Facebook and chose the one nearest to my house. A year and 50 friends later I am a part of a huge gold wearing running fraternity who I can rely on to be there during the good times and the bad.

I recently had an unpleasant experience at the Chicago marathon and was very disappointed afterwards. I logged into Facebook to find a “tell me everything” message from Kelly and I explained what had happened and how sick I was. Cheery, supportive, “you finished” messages arrived soon afterwards along with links to upcoming marathons(?) I soon realized Kelly was telling me to get back on the horse and make myself feel better, she even offered to travel with me and jump in and out at certain points along the course (trooper). We decided come hail or shine(literally) to complete the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon together dressed as Tinkerbell and we had an amazing time :). And since then we’ve run the Lions Club Reindeer Run together dressed as sacks of coal (too cute). Who says running your @ss off isn’t more fun in a costume?

So lately I’ve taken it upon myself to make the tutus for all our races and I’ve started quite a collection and I see a lot of tutus in my future. Its very uplifting to hear the race crowd yell “run tutu”, “you’re so cute”, “love your outfit” and to know you’ll make it onto a few more photographs than usual. This year I ran Monster Dash, Joliet RedEye 8k, Palos Turkey Trot and Indy Marathon in a tutu and rode the Venus De Miles bike ride in tutu and wing, a lot of fun. In fact I can completely blame Kelly for my tutu fetish, she was the one who first introduced me to tutus as she made the ones we wore for the bike ride, so its all her fault(!) I now have so much tulle left over I have started to use it for Christmas decorations around the house :). I’ve made a couple of friends these cute tutu wreaths and I have one hanging on my door too.

So as I wrap up my guest blog and think about all I have achieved this year, I know it is all down to three things, Facebook, friends and tutus. Without these three things I would be home alone and even though Ill never be the fastest runner, I know that if I check Facebook, see a friend’s posting that Ill be wearing a tutu soon afterwards :).


Kim said...

What a great guest post, Jenny! I do think you should start a blog. You are a good (and funny!) writer!

I have yet to make a tutu or run in one. I always think the ladies (and men, ha!) wearing them look so cute :)

Amanda said...

Gold wearing running fraternity! Love it and EXACTLY!

Erin said...

Loving all the tutu photos! You know how to make an event fun, for sure.

Maggie W said...

I read this whole post with a British accent. I think a video blog is in order.