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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's a Zoo in Here

The past few days in this house have been dominated by all of our animals. And just for clarification, we own a townhouse in the suburbs, not some farm with free-range animals.

First up, one of our two aquariums sprung a leak.  We have two turtles, Don and DaVinci, that we've had since college. When we got them, they fit in those little half-cup salad dressing containers. Now, they're the size of dinner plates and can't occupy the same tank because they go all Hunger Games on each other.

So Tim had to go purchase another tank, then construct a landing dock for DaVinci. He's the larger of the turtles, so when we eat something fattening, we call it a DaVinci snack.

Next, Napoleon scared me last night with strange behavior. He sat outside our bedroom door, which isn't typical, then went and hid under our bed.  He wasn't all that interested in going outside, and he was extra clingy to me.  He didn't even run to the kitchen when I opened a can (he always does this because it might be pumpkin and I might let him have some). He appears to be back to his normal self today, so Tim thinks Napoleon might have just been sad.
An old picture, but you get the idea
And just for fun, here's a picture of my sister's dog, Bowie.  He's so cute!
He is all hair. This is awkward.

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Unknown said...

Oh my gosh so many pets! It is a zoo, but in the best way possible. Pets keep us sane and healthy (seriously...studies have been done) :)