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Sunday, December 9, 2012

RumChata, RunChata

What a fun 24 hours. Last night, Tim and I stopped by the holiday party at CrossFit Rise. The place was all decorated for the occasion and Santa even stopped by. I enjoyed a delicious margarita made with real lime juice, agave and delicious tequila.

This morning, I kicked off the day with a four-mile run with MacKenna. We checked out a new forest preserve, which was really pretty.
Then, we went to Panera to grab a bite. As part of the FoodBuzz program, I received a giftcard to try out a soup at Panera. I went with the low-fat chicken noodle, which really hit the spot. It was cold outside and I always crave something light and a bit salty after running, so this was a good combo. Plus, it was only 80 calories for the cup, so I didn't undo the miles we had just logged.

After showering and putting on yoga pants, I headed over to Alissa's house to enjoy gluten-free cookies, RumChata cocktails and Christmas movies. We watched Elf, talked and hung out with her puppy.

Alissa was my roommate and coworker in college, so we've known each other for six years. I was in her bridal party, and she was in mine. She has an awesome blog where she writes about how her lifestyle has changed since she was diagnosed with celiac disease earlier this year. She whipped up two types of cookies along with several cocktails featuring hot chocolate, coffee, vanilla almond milk and whipped cream. It was all gluten free and amazing.  I need to hang out at her house a lot more often.

It was a perfect little Sunday!

I received compensation to include Panera's soup options in this post. But let's keep it real, I was going to eat it anyways.  You can read about all my disclosures here.


Alissa said...

<3 you, Kelly:) We can definitely have more quality time together, RumChata or not!

Maggie W said...

If you went for a 4-mile run, you can certainly consume more than 80 calories without "undoing" it!