Kelly the Culinarian: Dear Person Who Stole My Catalytic Converter,

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dear Person Who Stole My Catalytic Converter,

While I was working my ass off yesterday, you decided to make a quick buck by sliding under my car in my work parking lot, in the broad daylight, to use a power saw to remove my 10-year-old SUV's catalytic converter. I do not carry insurance that covers this damage on my car, but I filed a police report anyhow in case you decide to target more individuals in my office park.
I wish you had played nice and at least cut above the flange for the next part. Instead, you took the whole assembly, which means you have effectively totaled my car, likely in less than a minute with absolutely no one noticing. Bravo.
Lucky for me, my parents have another car to lend me while I sort this out. Also, I had already planned a new car in my future, but I had no idea it would be at the hand of your criminal acts.

So I hope, dear catalytic converter bandit, that it was worth your time and possible bodily injury. You evidently needed the $200 of precious metal far more than I needed an operational vehicle. I hope you got what you wanted, and you'll get the best possible rate for this hot merchandise to justify the cost to your conscience. I hope you continue to be as lucky as you were yesterday in finding an SUV that didn't matter in an office building that doesn't have security cameras.

Best of luck in trying to stay out of jail,
Kelly the Culinarian


Nicole Kesten said...

Holy Cow.. that is crazy!! so sorry! Let me know if there is anything i can do and i promise if i see a spare part truck on the HW with your Catalytic Converter, i will either run them off the road and beat them down...OR take a pic of me giving them the bird.

The Brit With A Blog said...

Thats right you tell them!!!!! Noone messes with KtheC!

Michelle @ said...

OMG, I am so stinkin' sorry. That just blows.

Losing Lindy said...

OH no..this happened to V's Dad. I hope you alerted the Security (if you have it) at work. It is scary that it happened so close.

Beth Sheridan said...

Wow...That's terrible. I hope they catch them!!

iampalegreen said...

Oh no! This has happened to so many people I know. Mainly at the Metra train stations. :(

Kim said...

So sorry! :( Happy to hear your parents have another car you can use though!