Kelly the Culinarian: #RunnerPhotoChallenge - Running Shoes

Sunday, May 5, 2013

#RunnerPhotoChallenge - Running Shoes

This week's Runner Photo Challenge hosted by Mag Mile Runner was to share your running shoe collection. I snapped a few photos of my tootsies in action.  I own a ton of shoes, probably more than one needs. I don't really get rid of shoes when they reach the end of their usable life - I just start using them for other workouts.

Here's a small segment of my shoe collection.
Brooks Ravennas. These are my current long-run shoes. I got them as a freebie last fall and have been rocking them ever since.
Asics gels. These are the shoes I wore for my first marathon and trained on all summer. Now, I wear them to CrossFit.
Cycle shoes. I bought these earlier this year and am getting used to clipping in and out of my pedals in the field. Here's hoping that I stop falling on my ass sometime soon.
Another pair of Asics Ladygels. This is the first pair of running shoes I ever bought. Now, they come with me to CrossFit twice a week. I actually just bought a pair of CrossFit-specific shoes last week and thy're in the mail already.

How many pairs of running shoes do you own?


Beth Sheridan said...

Sadly, I only own one pair of running shoes, Asics Gels, and I LOVE them but they are about worn out. I honestly hope I can go find the same pair...I love them!!

Unknown said...

I had 4 before this weekend! Now I have three. My oldest pair of Adidas light weight things, I use for general walking around. They give me leg pains if I use them to run. I have some New Balance ones that I retired and use at the gym. I had some Saucony's, which started ripping around my feet at about 500 miles.

And am currently wearing another pair (different than last ones) paid of New Balance that are probably due to retire in a month. (sorry I don't remember all the models!)

Have an awesome day!

emmers712 said...

I have six pairs of running shoes - four in active rotation (but all with about 100 miles or less on each), and two brand-new pairs. I may have a running shoe addiction...