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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Win it Wednesday: BarkBox

Napoleon works really hard for this blog. He's constantly modeling medals, proofing my work and trying to take naps while we're disturbing his slumber with our incessant activities. This thankless gig has finally netted him something tangible: a BarkBox!

Mr. Man, as we call him, is always very excited when I get mail. This is the first time a package has arrived for him, so he was beyond elated. Alas, he has no thumbs, so I had to help him out. The result:
What is this thing?
I smell stuff for me, mama
Just checking out the wares
BarkBox is a monthly subscription service that sends specially selected items to your furbaby each month. You select the size of your dog and your dog's birthday upon signing up and plans range from $19 to $29, depending on how long you commit to it and how big your pooch is. Also, 10 percent of the sales are donated to rescue groups.

This particular box cost $29 and was provided to me for review. Here's a closer look at what was inside:
This box contained two large bags of treats, two treat sticks and a new toy for the little boss (another moniker Napoleon gets in our household). It also contained a card suggesting activities for the puppy face:
If you have a picky pup, this would be an excellent way to try new treats and toys. Lucky for us, Napoleon actually loves the treats from ALDI ... just like his momma. This would be an indulgence in our house, for sure, but I do like to spoil our puppy baby from time to time.

If you want the opportunity to show the furriest member of your family some extra love, I've got a deal for you! I'll be giving away one BarkBox using RaffleCopter. The randomly selected winner will be announced on May 30, so enter now!
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Valerie said...

I love my Izzy dog..she really is like a baby to us and brings so much joy to our lives!

Jill Y said...

I have two "puppies" an almost nine-year-old lab (retired Seeing-Eye) dog named Joyce, and my original baby, my eight-year-old yellow lab, Peyton. They would love this.

Jill Y said...

I have two puppies that would love this box... I nine-year-old lab (retired Seeing Eye Dog), Joyce, and an eight-year-old yellow lab, Peyton (my original baby).

Dani said...

We have two Jack Russell Terriers. THey pretty much rule the roost (or at least think they do... it's easier to just let them think that). We actually run with them quite a bit. The older one likes to stay around 3 miles, but our younger one has run up to 6 miles with us adn is still raring to go!

Unknown said...

I have 2 dogs, a yorkie and a shih tzu. They are am important part of the family because no matter what kind of mood you are in, they are always happy, and always seem to cheer me up.

Jeni said...

I just got a puppy, Phoebe, in April and she is amazing. My family wouldn't be the same without her! She brings up so much happiness.

Jeni said...

I just got a puppy, Phoebe, in April and she brings us so much happiness! :)

Unknown said...

I have a yellow lab pup who just turned 7 months old. She is a huge part of my life, even in the short 5 months I have had her. I take her everywhere I can with me. She is always happy and willing to learn which brightens up my day. She is quite the spoiled girl. She loves just about anything as long as she is getting attention. :)

Kathy said...

We have a 1 & 1/2 year old Goldendoodle named Trixie.. Dogs love unconditionally, which is so rare. It's a good lesson for kids.. That & picking up poop!

Ginger Foxxx said...

This is Waffles - I hijacked Sara's computer because i am the most fabulous Basenji in the world. Without me, my mom would have nothing to take pictures of!