Kelly the Culinarian: Five Things Friday, Plus Recipes for Mother's Day

Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Things Friday, Plus Recipes for Mother's Day

1. I had exact 3,481 things to do Wednesday night, but decided to ditch all of that and take the furchild for a walk. Totally worth it. Rides in the car and walks in the park make his little life. Napoleon enjoyed riding in my (borrowed) car, then sniffing everything at the park. Laundry can wait.
2. My car troubles, thankfully, are behind me. Big shout out to my dad for swapping cars with me, driving it to his mechanic and then spending a full day dealing with this. The initial quote that I got to fix this mess was $1,800, which is about what the car is worth. My dad's dealings got it down to a far more palatable $550. Not how I wanted to spend that money, but I owe my dad big time.

3. I'm really excited to serve as an ambassador for the Iron Girl Triathlon in Lake Zurich on June 16. This quite possibly will be my first tri of the season, and it's the race's first go around in this location, so we're a perfect match. If you want to join me there, use discount code KELLYTHECULINARIAN to save 10 percent.

4. I got myself a new set of shoes for CrossFit. Because I really need another pair of shoes, right? These are minimalist shoes, which will help stabilize my tootsies during weight lifting. And, they were on super clearance, so everyone wins!
Hello there, pasty legs
5. Don't forget that Mother's Day is Sunday! Need some inspiration? My mom and I had a great time at our chocolate-making workshop, but brunch seems to be the preferred way to celebrate. If you need some brunch recipes, may I suggest:

My mom always loves homemade baked goods for holidays. Here are some favorites:
Super famous recipe: The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

If baking and cooking are not your specialties, I've got ya covered:


Beth Sheridan said...

Oh goodness, all those recipes look wonderful! And Napoleon is so cute and yay for new shoes!! Have a great weekend :)

Kim said...

That is great that your dad could get the work done for so much less! :)

When my high school car had issues here, my deciding point on whether to get a new car was on how much it would cost to do the work out here (my dad is a mechanic and worked on all my cars before).

Will the tri be your first one with an open swim? Have you been practicing those yet or is it too early in the season?

Losing Lindy said...

I am happy to hear you are getting your car fixed at a much lower rate.

I am super excited for Wednesday!!

KellytheCulinarian said...

I haven't been in the open water yet! I'm actually not scared or anything, it's just difficult to find a body of open water around here. Need to get on that.

Michelle @ said...

Ok, I so want some of those cookies! xoxo!

Maggie W said...

Whoa, $550??? Holy smokes. I saw my brother today and he said his company paid around $2000 to replace the catalytic converter on their Element, including some kind of anti-theft contraption. So your dad has some mad skills.

KellytheCulinarian said...

My dad took it to a welder who was able to salvage what was left of the system by welding in a new converter, rather than replacing the whole assembly.