Kelly the Culinarian: Friday Things

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Things

1. I had every intention of blogging last night, but I decided to have a cider flight with MacKenna instead. No regrets. I even found a new favorite! Definitely try the Ace Pear Cider from California Cider Co. if you get the chance.

2. This dog will not be the Office Dog anymore. This week, he peed on the carpet twice and threw up. I feel bad he puked, but then the peeing was just out of spite.

3. I broke one of my $8 pairs of glasses at CrossFit this week. Snapped them right in half. I was doing a handstand push up and fell on my face. I took that as a sign to stop doing handstand push ups.
4. I am sadly in the market for screw shoes to tackle winter running. I got the right screws at the hardware store earlier this week - #8 hex screws that are 1/2 inch long. I still need to pop them on my shoes, but this is progress.
5. Our office party is today! We're trying Whirleyball. Can't wait.


Unknown said...

Whirlyball is a blast! I hope you have fun at your party!!

Losing Lindy said...

oh no..Napoleon was so naughty! Any idea why??

I hear you need to use a drill type screwdriver to make the process easier. I haven't bought the screws yet. I plan to use them in my old shoes. I am also debating on doing them to a pair of shoes for V.

Unknown said...

I've never heard of using screws to get better grip in the winter! You should do a post on the process and share your wisdom :)


Zenaida Arroyo said...

Oh no poor Napoleon!

Whirlyball is fun! How did you like it?